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Las Vegas, NV – 5,400 square feet
The redesign of the casino restrooms at the Venetian Casino, Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas combines contemporary finishes with classical design details to create a glamorous space well suited to their environment. Consisting of two sets of restrooms on the casino floor, (which hadn't been touched since the hotel opening 12 years prior) the design introduces a contemporary look to the restrooms while still relating to the overall classical design aesthetic associated with the Venetian. Classical lines were incorporated into the new vanities, stall doors, stone toilet partitions and inlaid marble flooring to relate to the existing hotel. Bold colors were incorporated to give the restrooms a more contemporary feel. By using edge lit mirrors, black glass etched with a damask pattern and bright lipstick red on the vanities and crown molding the contrast of classical versus contemporary design was accentuated, creating a truly dramatic experience.