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MGM Grand - Las Vegas, NV
MGM Grand - Detroit, MI
From the very beginning, TAP was inspired by authenticity and comfort. We wanted it to feel like that favorite pair of jeans or those perfectly worn pair of shoes that look better now than they did when they were new. TAP is crafted from durable, timeless materials inspired by Detroit's industrial age: concrete, wood and steel. It's not only a great local bar, but it's a Detroit Bar that gives a nod to its local heritage while aspiring to create a new history of its own. It is not a stereotypical 'sports bar,' but an energetic, yet comfortable place to enjoy inspired food, high quality beers, great friends – and yes, sports. First and foremost it's about creating an atmosphere of comfort and enjoyment. At the heart of TAP is the bar – inspired by historic lockers and old world bottle displays – it is at once eclectic and timeless. In TAP guests enjoy great views of the game, a personal connection with the bartender and a full complement of food and craft beer offerings.