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The Grove, Los Angeles, CA – 10,544 square feet
Located in the highly successful retail center, The Grove at Farmers Market, the Cheesecake Factory occupies the site of a former restaurant that failed to overcome its second floor location. The first floor lobby was opened up with large expanses of glass to make the space much more visible and inviting to passersby. Through the new windows you can get a taste (no pun intended) of what the upstairs has to offer. Of course having the name "The Cheesecake Factory" over the front doors doesn't hurt either. The exterior presented another unique design challenge in that the main level of the restaurant was "floating" between retail spaces on the first floor and a bookstore on the third floor. The existing building façade at the entry tower and second level was embellished with art nouveau styled ornamentation and large expanses of glass mosaic. To further create an overall cohesiveness of design the entire building was painted a uniform color. The art nouveau elements immediately distinguishes the restaurant space from the surrounding building and the glass mosaic while colored to blend with the building, is noticeably different due to its high gloss finish and pattern. In addition, careful attention was given to accent lighting as a way to make the space stand out at night.