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Block Island, Rhode Island – 10,000 square feet
The Ballard's Inn resort, which attracts thousands of guests each summer, was showing signs of wear and tear. But given its pristine private beach and prime location just steps from the ferry dock, it was rife with potential for greatness.

Steven Filippi, president of Ballard's Inn, which has been family-owned and managed since 1952, had a vision to bring the business in line with the excellent quality, amenities, and décor that guests would expect at a modern seaside resort.

Every detail, from floor to ceiling, reflects the fresh look of a modern getaway. The entire resort gleams with new granite, tile and paint. Artistic fish mobiles float playfully above the tables. Giant ceiling fans circulate the sea air. The restaurant layout was thoughtfully redesigned, making Ballard's Inn an ideal location for weddings and functions. The new design for the resort will insure it continues to be a beloved destination for a new generation of Block Island's visitors.